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How to Sell a Property to Women and Men

The two sexes are not superior or inferior to each other. They are simply different.

Selling a property to women and men differently is not something that many real estate agents consider. Many think that yes, surely, they buy different, since there is a difference in sex, but a property is bought the same. Both are concerned about the mortgage, the area and above all the prices.

No, not so fast.

The difference in buying habits between women and men when buying a house goes beyond the fact that he puts the money in, and she is the one who makes the final decision. A comment that I have heard on many occasions and that for some is a macho comment.

I would say, rather, that it is a rather simplistic and ignorant comment from someone who has never used real estate neuro-sales or cares little about providing excellent service to their clients.

Sales in general and real estate sales have changed a lot in recent years and today the behavioral trends of women and men when buying are considered, because whoever dominates this part of the new real estate sale will sell plus.

With this article I want to send the message to real estate agents that they are not taking seriously enough the influence you have on the sale of a property, to know how women think, if you are a male real estate agent or how men think, and you are a real estate agent.

“Women and men buy a house or an apartment differently, because they think and behave differently, and their interests are different.”

Education, experiences, and access to information influence so that we continue to be different. The communication style of men and women is different. They consume information differently. They relate differently between the same sex and whether they like to recognize some, their way of relating to technology is different.

Sell ​​a Property to Women and Men. Women are Buying More.

I say the above, which is obvious to the majority, because there is a minority, (perhaps too large), who have not yet learned that it is normal for men and women to have different motivations when buying a property. Sometimes very different.

When we think about it, in men and women facing a purchase, carefully, we can begin to understand how problematic it can be for a couple to decide what kind of home they want. Men-and-women-in front-of-a-real estate-purchase

That they both want a new home, it is clear; But what kind of home do they want, that is not so clear and will not be for long. In the end, to reach an agreement, one of the two is going to have to give up something, a lot, or a lot. Everything will depend on the relationship you have, but surely someone is going to have to give in and sometimes a lot, because both will want the same thing, but in a different way.

The years have also changed the way in which men and women buy, because today life habits are different, and the cultural, social, and labor difference between men and women, at least in developed countries, has been greatly shortened. Yes, yes, I know not all that is necessary, but it has been shortened a lot.

One example of this, which I am glad of, is that single women are buying more homes than single men. I mention this information for the clueless. Why this trend, which on the other hand will continue to grow?

First, single women are realizing that buying a home rather than renting makes more financial sense. In the second place, more and more women are becoming fiercely independent and are not waiting for marriage or a man who helps pay for a home. And finally, for older women, this is a very good alternative to live better, after losing your spouse or separating from him.

Whatever the reason or motivation, real estate agents should prepare for a growing market of single women buying houses.

I have noticed this trend myself.

“A few months ago, an agency in Mexico City commissioned us to create: ” The Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a House ” A guide that women, (and secretly some men) are downloading, as if they gave each other candy”.

It appears that many single women in Mexico City are interested in buying a home, as a means of creating wealth, taking the necessary steps to ensure their financial security in the future. Therefore, handling this information about these unique women buyers will help a real estate agent to get more clients, if you know how women buy an apartment or house, of course.

Sell ​​a Property to Women and Men. Differences in Buying Habits.

Men and women. Different when they make the purchase. Let us look at some of the differences between the buying habits of women and men when buying a home. I have extracted these data from various market studies that have been carried out in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and in the United States.

NOTE: What I indicate here are only trends. Let no one go to extremes and think that the world is completely pink for women and completely blue for men. Be careful with the data! That they don’t come to me later with comments about whether I am a macho or a feminist; What if I don’t know what world I live in; that I have no p … idea … and comments like that.

From what I gather from these surveys, when buying a property, man tends to oversee looking for financing, investigating banks and mortgages; while the woman tends to manage visits and investigate the neighborhood.

In all the findings, it is indicated that women seem to enjoy the process of buying a house more than men. Which does not surprise me, since home ownership feelings are often more pronounced in women than in men. Estate agents-selling-men-and-women

As everyone knows, location is an important factor when choosing a home. But while both men and women want a home in a good neighborhood, their definitions of what that means vary.

In the surveys I find that for us men, when buying a property, emotion is a great priority. That we are interested in all the fun things we can do close to home, and we’re willing to put up with a little more danger, if that means being close to good restaurants, a thriving nightlife, and other amenities.


Men also prioritize living close to work. We are willing to travel to socialize, but we prefer to have a short trip. Being a man, I quite agree with what these polls indicate.

Women, when buying a property, tend to be more willing to give up the excitement at home, in favor of good schools, safe streets and a place close to family and friends. They tend to want to keep loved ones close to home, even if that means traveling further for work or entertainment.

Men and women also value different traits when it comes to neighbors. Women tend to like a neighborhood where there are friendly neighbors to socialize with, especially when those neighbors fall into the demographic, (young parents, retirees, etc.), who are like their own. Men are not picky about demographics, and generally do not care about neighbors if they meddle in their business, do not make too much noise, or do not have barking dogs.

With this I do identify myself.

Men and women, unequal behaviors, and different habits. Continuing with the results of these surveys, which I do not know if they have statistical rigor, but for me it makes a lot of sense that men when buying a house care a lot, more than women, to know its condition and the cost of maintenance.

Which means that men are very likely to pay a lot of attention to the details of a house. And while they agree to buy a house that needs comprehensive reform, they are afraid to buy a place that has serious electrical, structural, or plumbing problems.

Women also do not want to buy a house that will ultimately be a ruin, but they are less likely to over-consider the technical details or structural condition of the house of the house, provided it has potential.

Sell ​​a Property to Women and Men. The Kitchen and the Bedroom.

How do women shop? And the men? Every realtor knows that the kitchen is the most important part of a home for most buyers, but women and men perceive this importance differently.

Selling a home with a great kitchen is a pleasure because everyone loves one with a great kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the social center of any home. Women tend to be drawn to light and airy kitchens with plenty of workspace and a carefully considered floor plan.

Men and enthuse more with the gadgets. For us, a kitchen with a commercial-grade range, a high-tech refrigerator, and a dishwasher with that hiss would give the house some extra points.

Men tend to place a lot of value on garages and decks, rooms where they can put an office, and large living rooms. On the other hand, women place a lot of value on the bedrooms, especially if they have a dressing room and a hydromassage bathtub.

According to the survey in Blue world city Islamabad, (and this I have seen when I was a realtor), the average man might be fine with a relatively spartan bedroom, but that does not mean that men do not value private space. Men like a space where they can make noise, so they give more importance to the living room than the bedroom.

Other pearls that I have extracted from these market studies, perhaps without statistical rigor, but that surely have not been made lightly are these:

How do women tend to buy a house?

  • They use chats, discussion forums and opinions of other clients to inform themselves.
  • They value more a good experience and the possibility of sharing.
  • They want to connect with the real estate agent more than the man.
  • It is very important to have several options to choose from before deciding.
  • Women visit more websites and contrast different options more thoroughly than men.

How do men tend to buy a house?

  • More likely to seek detailed descriptions of the house.
  • They value the ease of paying and buying in a simple way.
  • They usually carry a clear idea of what they are looking for.
  • They are more sensitive to misleading advertising and messy or dirty property.
  • You are less price sensitive and you buy faster.

Comparing men and women:

  • It is easier for a woman to consider other options that she had not considered, than for a man when buying a home.
  • Women make decisions on a more emotional level, while men approach decision making with facts and data.
  • Women tend to be more comprehensive and take into consideration more than men, both subjective information (customer comments), and objective,
  • Men tend to prefer objective information (status, zone, investment), over subjective information.
  • What is considered good customer service? Women want to feel important; men want to buy fast.

Selling a Property to Women and Men: The Service Received.

Women make up their minds much faster than men. They know what property they are going to buy as soon as they see it, although they need to convince themselves that they are making the right decision by visiting other properties. For this reason, for women buying a property takes longer than a man would invest.

The house is a commodity for men. If it turns out to be the wrong house, it could be sold and exchanged for another. On the other hand, women are more likely to see the house as a statement of who they are, so making the wrong decision is painful for them.

Beware give a disservice to women! The worst dissatisfied clients you can have as a real estate agent are women. If they feel cheated by poor service, because you have not fulfilled what was promised, because the property does not meet the expectations that you have promised, they will tell many more friends and acquaintances than a man would. And they are the ones that will take you to trial if necessary.

We men also like to be served well and not cheated on, but we tend to act differently from women in this situation. Of course, we complain, but women tend to make the real estate agent pay more.

Sell ​​a Property to Women and Men. Real Estate Advertising.

And how can we reflect all the above in our real estate advertising? Can we design ads for both of us? Is it better to create ads for men and ads for women? Do men and women buy equally?

We need to focus more on the means we use to reach men or women as we are interested and create ads with neuro marketing techniques to make them attractive to men and women alike. Men-and-Women-Different-when-they-do-the-house-purchase.

It is known that when advertising to women, it is important to use marketing to establish a personal relationship with clients. So; Women are more likely to respond to email marketing, so reach out to them this way, educating them with your emails and giving them peace of mind.

With men, it is advisable to invest in search engine advertising so that your property appears when they are looking for something similar. Try to highlight in this advertisement the advantages and benefits of the property, (prestige, recognition, status, belonging to a group …)

Sadly, a lot of real estate advertising tends to be “macho” out of ignorance, treating men and women equally in their advertising messages. Women want to see themselves reflected in the texts of advertising. Give solutions to what matters to them and you will make women pay attention to your ads too.

It is not surprising that it is sometimes noticed when an advertisement has been created by a woman. This type of advertising is different, because it is committed, inspires, and encourages women to think differently about themselves and to challenge the preconceived stereotype.

It is a type of advertising that creates a relationship: we are here to help, to advise, to give you information, we think of your children.

Advertising by men is often poorly targeted. Cannot write him / her; you must write what matters to them and what matters to them within the same sentence.

  • A man is better seducing them with a pragmatic advertising.
  • A woman he seduces them more publicity that comes with them feelings.
  • A man is attracted more titles on an ad.
  • A woman is attracted more text.
  • A woman like most stories and testimonials than men.
  • A men dales data, statistics and results and avoids overly sentimental text,

Many of the above differences show quite different and sometimes opposite behaviors.

How could a realtor take advantage of these differences when showing a property to a couple?

It is not as difficult as it may seem after having read everything that differentiates us.

“The fundamental thing is to help buy instead of sell, generate a conversation when the property is shown, make both of them participate in the conversation and look at the face of both, not one more than the other.”

When you speak to the woman, speak “in feminine” and when you speak to the man, speak “in masculine.” Give solutions to problems to each of them about what matters most to them for being a man or being a woman and then give solutions for both as a couple.

You know how a woman tends to feel in a kitchen or a bedroom; just like you know how a man feels when he sees a living room, a terrace, or a garage. Focus on those feelings as you show the house, and you will do much better.

Here are other tips that will help you to be perceived as a professional by both men and women.

Sell ​​a Property to Women and Men. Listen and Talk to each of them.

Showing a Property to WOMEN

A woman when they start talking not to interrupt them. Given the opportunity to strike up a conversation, let them express their points of view and tell what they want. If you know how to listen, you will earn a lot of points, especially with women. Men-and-women-unequal-behaviors-and-habits-different-property

A woman sells your property with stories: they buy dreams, love selling them with stories, dreams, and metaphors. Tell them, (indirectly) that she is unique: remind her: “there is no one neither equal nor similar to her.” They all want to be the center of attention and differentiate themselves from the others.

You must talk to women more than to men. You must listen to them and talk to them, participate with her in the dialogue. In fact, you must talk to him 3 times more than if he were selling to a man.

If you are a man, always remember that they “look at everything.” Included in how you talk, walk, dress, and move your hands.

Women are more involved than men in making a purchase.

Showing a Property to MEN

You must sell us pleasure. We always want to be the ‘Alpha male’, so show us benefits of the property that give us status and joy. Your task is to sell benefits related to the property.

When you sell to men, think about the usability of the home, how practical it can be, what is in the area that interests us and how comfortable it is.

We men like to have our questions answered before we ask them much more than women. Save us having to talk and raise our concerns. An alpha male has few worries and that is what we want to demonstrate. How-to-sell-a-property-to-women-and-men.

You do not need to talk much with us. If you are a woman, do not want to start a chat with us, because that makes us feel uncomfortable. Get to the point, be clear, and answer the questions clearly.

In short, the stereotype of men shopping, and women shopping is as true as the top of a pine tree. We both have different interests, different ways of thinking, different ways of communicating. We both want the same thing, but in different ways and for different reasons.

Gender matters when buying a home. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus and we cannot live without each other. Learn to sell to your opposite sex and always, always speak to the two with a different approach when showing a home.

Men find it hard to think of pink and women find it hard to think of blue. There are those who know how to sell real estate to women and those who know how to sell real estate to men to men. And there are also and there are those who know how to sell men and women equally when they are together or separately. Which one are you?


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