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Getting in The Game: How To Be A Real Estate Agent

In this article we will briefly discuss some points to become a trained real estate agent.

The key is in “ENTERING THE GAME”, whose meaning and stages required to get there will be explained below. Once this has been achieved, we will proceed to focus on what is really important, get contacts. Last, but not least, there is the fact of knowing what is “the great why” that motivates you to start or continue in this profession.


Since your profession is to be a real estate agent, you should make it known to the people around you, this should not be a hidden topic.

Generating leads is your main area of ​​work, so expanding the circle of people who know you as real estate investment agents is your priority.

In principle, this could be considered obvious, but either due to the reduced post-crisis image generated in the sector or due to simple ignorance of the importance of positioning yourself as a real estate investment agent among your contacts, it is kept out of public knowledge.

Getting into the game will provide you with several advantages, including defining a path to success and starting your business with a goal and path to customers at Tajarat properties.

In the same way, it will allow you to acquire productive habits and the professional skills necessary to achieve success. All this will be achieved by implicitly orienting your way of thinking to that of the correct performance of the real estate investment agent.


To come into play, a series of tools will also be necessary to make your work easier and allow you to focus on what is really important, the generation of leads.

At GeoBienes we have developed several tools that will be very useful for your ventures. Some of these tools are daily agendas for marketing campaigns and customer communication checklists and templates.

Also, get into the habit of writing down tasks on a daily planner, as it will allow you to stay motivated and increase your productivity accordingly. Another very important tool to be a successful real estate agent is the establishment of scripts with which to negotiate correctly.

You do not always have the necessary inspiration to carry out a negotiation in the proper way, so it is necessary to plan responses to possible objections that may arise.


Don’t get carried away by outdated and negative beliefs about success, as they will limit your success. Rethink some of the most common myths when starting out in business.

Myths like the following:

  • I have to be an expert and know everything before starting my business; I’m not ready yet.
  • I do not know what to say.
  • I will have to invest a lot of money to launch my career in real estate.
  • It can easily be refuted with the following:
  • You need to be a professional, not an expert. Experience is acquired with practice.
  • All successful agents internalize and dominate scripts in negotiations.
  • You don’t need a lot of money to start your career. Contacts are needed, and contacts don’t have to cost a lot.


It is important that you are aware of your business accounting on a daily basis. In this way you can make the necessary adjustments in your action plans and get answers to the questions that arise.

Nor should you forget that learning does not stop when you reach your goals. Once you do, you are ready to take on bigger challenges and keep learning.


The daily action plan must cover eight aspects:

  • Aim at your target.
  • Get customers.
  • Create your business database.
  • Become a customer service professional.
  • Move on with relevant habits.
  • Plan your new life.
  • Take advantage of resources.
  • Go into business.

Considering all this, we include the necessary base to “ENTER THE GAME”.

Once we have achieved this, we can proceed to the next point.


We can define the real estate process as a set of phases through which we will reach a commission for the services performed.

These phases can be summarized as follows:

Obtain contacts (people who have or are going to have a real estate need in the future), convert the contacts into appointments and later these into exclusive agreements between both parties. Once this is achieved, a contract would have to be continued to publish the property or negotiate an offer on its behalf.

Finally, the entire transaction would have to be serviced through a successful closing and received the commission.

When it comes to obtaining contacts, to achieve this, you must start with who you already know, since this audience will be very willing to help you without investing a lot of time in it.

After speaking with this circle of people, you should move on to their sphere of influence, that is, to the people who know you, trust you and may want to do business with you. Your goal would be to let them know that you work in real estate company like al noor orchard      as discussed. These people could be your dentist, mechanic, hairdresser, doctor, etc.



Regardless of the stage of obtaining contacts in which we find ourselves, people we already know or sphere of influence, there are scripts adapted to four different situations that the agent can face:

  • Script for the new agent in the real estate sector.
  • Script for the new agent in GeoBienes.
  • Script to remind people that you work in Real Estate.
  • Script for the new agent in the area.
  • Work your script.


Another critical area for being a trained real estate agent is “knowing your big why.”

This will propel you, motivate you, inspire you and act as a weapon to eliminate any doubts, delays or deviations that may arise. Some examples of the great why of some people are: being their own bosses, being ready to leave the corporate world; or have more control over their careers and futures.

With all this, you will have the necessary base to start or continue as a real estate agent effectively without complications of great calibre.With much affection for all real estate agents on the planet and especially for our entire team of investment agents.

What documents do I need to sell my house?

Prepare yourself: When you go to sell your house, there are a lot of papers that you must prepare, present and sign. The main thing is that you have been organized and have all the documents in order, however certain documents must be updated at the time of closing the business.

These are some of the most commonly needed documents, but keep in mind that the complete list may vary at each closing, depending on whether it is a cash sale or with bank credit. For example, in certain cities it is necessary to have certificates of the annual rate to the fire department, in other cities not.

I’ll show you the commonly needed documentation:

Property title deeds:

The deeds you were given when you bought the property.

Horizontal property deeds:

If you have an apartment, the deeds must state the horizontal property, which to express it easily is the division of the building into units (apartments, warehouses, parking lots).

Deed of effective possession:

These are the deeds that the heirs of a real estate must draw.

Survey of family assets:

Certain deeds were constituted with family assets, indicating that the owners are parents and children. It must be raised by making and signing an act at the notary’s office, requesting the raising of the assets in the respective institution and registering it in the property registry.

Proof of property payment for the current year:

The annual property taxes that must be up to date.


Certificate of appraisals and cadastres:

This certificate indicates the size of the land, construction and municipal appraisal. In the same way, the MI Municipality of Guayaquil gives the facility to download it online.

Certificate of domain history of the Property Registry:

This document aims to know all the history of the property, who bought it, who sold it, in what years, if it was mortgaged or not, that is to say that with this certificate it is known that the property is free of any impediment. You can ask for this certificate at the offices of the Property Registrar in your city.

Act of co-owners where the administrator is appointed:

In the case of housing developments or buildings, there is an administrator of the housing complex. This administrator should have been appointed by the co-owners and is the act that certain financial institutions request.

Appointment of the administrator copy of identity card and vote.

Certificate of expenses:

When the property is located in a private urbanization or condominium, the certificate must be presented that it is up to date in the payment of aliquots, maintenance or expenses.

Copy of identity card and voting certificate:

From the buyer and seller, if more than 6 months have passed since the last elections, they should no longer request the voting certificate.

RUC, appointment, shareholders meeting minutes authorizing the sale:

When one or both parties are companies, a copy of the RUC must be submitted, appointment of the legal representative registered in the commercial register and the minutes of the company’s general shareholders’ meeting that sells, authorizing the sale to the representative.

Each sale is different, you have to analyse what is the legal status of the property and its owners. Remember that the worst thing you can do is close a business if you doubt that everything is in order. To analyse the situation of your property and carry out an impeccable sale, better have real estate experts.





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