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Austin Streets offers some of the best Mexican food


When you think of the best Mexican Food in Austin, Texas, what do you think? Do you think tacos, burritos or fajitas? Do you think of a quick taco stand or standing in front of your favorite fast food restaurant, wondering how you’re going to make it to lunch?


Guests can keep on ordering food delivery or pick-up for pickup. So if craving some authentic Mexican food for your next dinner date? Check out these popular restaurants, where you’re sure to get the absolute best Mexican food in Austin, Texas – no matter what time of day it is. Is your next birthday coming up?


If you’re looking for the best Mexican food in Austin, Texas, look no further than El Faro Restaurant. This beloved Austin landmark serves up some of the most authentic Mexican cuisine around. From spicy seafood and salads to fresh seafood with a kick, Elfaro serves up satisfying food all day long.


In the evening, the live music performed by local musicians and bands keeps patrons coming back for more. Along with fantastic food, there is plenty of great beverages to choose from as well. No matter if you want a nice tall glass of sangria, a cold brew, or refreshing sangria, you’re sure to find it at this Austin restaurant.


If you prefer a more casual dining experience, consider the many small Mexican restaurants in Austin that serve up some of the best Cantina Dishes in Austin. The best Cantina dishes in Austin are found in the Museum of Vinyl and Art Austin (MTVA), which serves up authentic Mexican dishes like refried beans and chorizo.

MEXICO Los Rios has some of the best Mexican dishes around as well, including fresh mango salsa, enchilada, and carne asada. Of course, one doesn’t have to eat only in the Museum of Vinyl and Arts to enjoy the flavors of Mexico; you’ll also find some amazing dishes at El Migri, a wonderful Austin taqueria. Other popular Austin restaurants that offer Cantina dishes include the pupusas at Iglesia de Gallo, and the delicious tacos and burritos at Tacos El Cabo.


Austin Streets offers some of the best Mexican food in all of Texas. If you are looking for authentic Mexican dishes, head to Elfaro Park on Sixth Street where you will find a variety of street-side restaurants that serve up some of the city’s best Mexican dishes, such as queso, black beans, and Mexican-style tamales. Don’t forget to try the breakfast tacos at La Pollo, a wonderful sidewalk-based eatery that also serves some of the city’s most delicious desserts. With so many amazing restaurants serving authentic Mexican dishes, it is hard to choose just one! As the weather gets warmer, these dishes will be even more popular!


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